Begin Again

So I awake to fail again –
to think of futile goals I’ve made,
of time I did not mean to spend,
of moments I did not see fade,
of wounds to which I did not tend,
of paths where I should not have strayed,
of strangers who were would-be friends,
of empathy by self delayed,
of words unwritten, yet to send,
of love not given, plans mislaid

On this, there comes
a creeping tinge of pink
the sun begins to rise, not sink
the new breeze hums

begin again

just when
I’ve fallen inwards on
the smallness of myself,
the breaking of the greater dawn
reminds me of a wealth
what I could not, did not
and should have done
the things I’ve sought,
the person who
I’ve wanted to become –

are still in reach. The sun
speaks of the glory of
a single passing day,
a hope that quivers in
the clock’s thin hands
to say again the day will come
and you are more
than what you’ve done