The Littleness of Life

If something small is capable of bringing you happiness – let it. Be in that moment, imagining this little joy can fill you up. Allow it to matter.

Don’t dismiss it as meaningless, trivial, or not enough. It is enough for this present, and doesn’t need to be more. The next moments will bring their own meaning – their own sorrows and joys – and you will be able to handle them when they come, but not before.

You are here and you are now, and you are given these windows into the world – these fragments of light – for a reason. The deepest reality of life – the underlying truth – is gift. You are gift. All is gift.

Darkness and suffering, sadness and pain might obscure the gift. They will come, but they will also go, and you may see the hope that rises in their wake more fully for its giftedness because of the darkness.

Because the darkness will pass and you will again feel the thrill of an unexpected grace, a barely noticeable beauty, a love in the littleness of life.