In Search of Rest

The voice it spoke
in certainties too hard
to be denied
(it lied
and yet the line
dividing true / untrue
becomes a little thing
when fear obscures
its absolute)

The voice it lures
your mind to delve within
those corners crammed with buried pain
again, again
it pulls, unravels threads
of decontextualized still pulsing hurt
Your thoughts are led
to self-renunciation in a false
humility – your hate inflicted on
yourself is merely pleading for
a love that cannot satisfy,
a thirst for reassurance that will try
to dry up all that need
but fail

So find another source
A deeper place to take your worth
For human words with all their force 
expire before a time
all empty on the inside if relied
upon too much

The voice it lied
that spoke of self alone, unmoored
and mostly without worth
The truth is you are more
and also less
The voice you should have listened for
diminishes the self in size and says,

“In Me you shall have rest.”