Daily Beauty, Day #11: Thoughts

The world is not all beautiful.

Let me clarify my thoughts… there is beauty in the reality and the humanity of what is both broken and whole. And beauty formed unlike our expectations can often be easily missed. Beauty is present in our lives, even when we see only ugliness. There is always beauty, if only beneath the surface, behind the outer layers.

And yet some things do not seem beautiful. Some words, some actions, some choices are in fact very ugly. Never give these things more than they are worth. Do not dwell on the ugliness. Whether or not you engage with it, letting your thoughts sink down to this level suppresses beauty. With your thoughts, you have the power to choose beauty or ugliness.

Shift your focus. Fix your gaze on what is good, right and true. Look for the beautiful. Do not worry over what is not. Do not let any ugliness take away from the beauty; do not let it disturb or even ruffle the calm and quiet of your soul. Do not let earthly whispers alarm you. All will be well, because He has planted seeds of beauty to bloom in your path.

Your energy is precious. Save it for what is good, right and true. For what is beautiful. Never waste it on what is not.