My Place

I’m looking for a place,
A place where I belong
For one familiar face
Who’ll listen to my song

The melody’s inside,
I treasure it within,
How long can it abide
With clips upon its wings?

I struggle to be heard,
My soul tries to take flight
Quite like a fragile bird,
Kept captive from the light

I give the world too much,
I try to love too hard
I gladly play the crutch,
Though my own limbs are scarred

Perhaps my place is not
Found in this world at all
Perhaps the things I’ve sought
Are meaningless and small

I’m looking for a home,
But my place is not here
On this earth I may roam,
But it won’t catch my tears

Souls know their direction,
Mine yearns to be set free,
And soar towards the sun
Where He keeps safe my dreams.