Life hands out my chances,
I cannot but comply
Follow them in trances,
And either smile or sigh

For I live within them,
A slave of what they say
Joy is a fragile gem
And peace a flick’ring ray

They fade when darkness falls,
And shatter under stress
In worldly triumph call,
Dependent on success

The logic that pervades
Has held my future tight
In perils I have prayed,
But lived resigned to night

Why is the eternal
Chained unto mud and mire?
Weary from the struggle,
Yearning to go higher

It longs to flit above,
Washed in the light of hope
To soar just like a dove,
No pris’ner of the rope

The soul is not compelled
To fit the earthly shape
From fate it can rebel,
Release comes with escape

Logic does not mirror,
For joy’s strength is unmatched
Peace might never waver,
With choice true love can last.