A Whisper

At first it is only a whisper,
A glimmer of light through the trees
The shadows rush fast to replace it,
And they bring me down to my knees

A sickening spiral of worry,
Relentless reminders of doubt
Stifled and strangled, hidden so well,
The rest of the world is shut out

This forest of thoughts is a prison,
A cage with the bars held in tight
I cry and despair and seek freedom,
While keys lie in reach and in sight

But what would it be if I took them,
And set out to forge my own path,
How long could I safely continue,
Before facing night’s vicious wrath?

For strength is a limited resource,
My own short supply has run dry
And how can I bravely move forward,
If I can’t find a reason why

The choice I must make all on my own,
The cruel, cold comfort of my cage,
Or a brilliant gold horizon,
I hesitate upon the stage

The darkness vies for my attention,
He softly speaks his well worn lies
But the whisper wakes me like a song,
A stirring I cannot deny

So I open my eyes

for the first time

I am blind

But that is why

I see.