Daily Beauty, Day #18: Appearances of Beauty

A reminder that beauty does not depend on the world’s words:

The paint is peeling on the walls,
What once was pale and blue
Each scar a faded story,
Once loved, once found, once true

Tiles that never come quite clean,
Beneath chipped wooden legs
Surface scratched and marred from use,
Life down to the dregs

The door creaks open slowly,
The world may whistle in
Draft that carries whispered words
Underneath your skin

Laughter, voices pure and clear,
Though warmth within is frail
Mugs clutched close and curls of steam
And air no longer stale

A scene unfolds quite unaware,
Winding roads away
Colour splashed in ornate frames,
Food on sparkling trays

Softly flowing music still,
Blends in notes pristine
Harmony that fills the room,
Pure and sweet and clean

Stagnant silence that expands
Words sterile and cold,
Hanging in the space between,
Doing what they’re told

Beauty glimmers, gleams and shines,
In the world’s own way
But beauty isn’t bound by lines
It enters where it may