Daily Beauty, Day #17: Light

I have an interesting exercise to propose.

It has to do with light. Anyone who has been reading these daily beauty posts probably won’t be surprised when I say that light is beautiful. There is so much I could say about the beauty of light. The way it shines and sparkles and dances across different surfaces. The way it spills through leafy branches and spreads across the hills. Light is indescribably beautiful in unending ways. And yet, my fear is that we take light for granted.

When we wake up each morning, we often feel exhaustion seeping through our bodies. We may feel a complete lack of motivation, an overwhelming desire to hide from the overwhelming nature of the world and the lists it has provided for us of many things to do. Do we notice the light that streams in through the blinds? Are we grateful for the dawn of a new day, another burst of glorious, joyous, hopeful light? Or do we close our eyes, stumble forwards and tell ourselves that this is a day we will simply have to “get through”?

When we head outside to begin the day, we stride forward with purpose, or at least some sense of where we’re going. But there is light and there is beauty that greets us where we are. No matter where we are, light finds us: reflecting in windows and gleaming off of buildings, glittering in snow like tiny diamonds, or filling our gaze with its bright warmth and majesty. Do we squint and carry on? Do we notice light at all?

I propose that we look for light. Just for a day perhaps. Wherever you are, whether inside or outside, busy or silent, search actively for the presence of light in your surroundings. When you find it (which you inevitably will), spend time to focus on the light. Pause for a moment or two. Look at the light and bask in its glow. In those few moments, shut out all except the light, ignore all that is not light, and let the light fill your soul.

This “exercise” may sound a little simple, or even a little silly, but I think there is something about it that is profound. Profoundly beautiful. Maybe it is just me, but I think looking for the little things is worth the several seconds it may cost us out of our hurried days. Light follows us wherever we go. Will we let it in?