Walk the Wire

I want to walk the wire,
To wander through the clouds
Removed from mud and mire,
No slave of jostling crowds

To keep my footing sure,
And walk this narrow road,
Strong, balanced and secure,
Relieved of earthly loads

I graze the leafy tops,
Trees strewn across the sky
This strung path never stops,
It stretches past the eye

No filter for the sun,
No screen to shade its shine
But I am glad there’s none,
This light will soon be mine

Voices are but echoes,
Cries rising from the ground
They reach me but I know
Their words are empty sound

They shake me not up here,
I hear a higher call
When true warmth is so near,
I do not fear the fall

Arms will always catch me,
Should I ever falter
So I won’t do but be,
Courage stays unaltered

I never want to leave,
From where earth’s woes can’t harm
And pleasures won’t deceive
For truth replaces charm

Up here upon this wire,
Shame for grace I’m trading
Here peace, love, joy and fire
Are at last unfading.

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