Dreams That Last

Dreams are such a fragile treasure,
Sealed so close to home,
Values beyond any measure,
Lest these hopes may roam.

Dazzling visions of a future,
Brighter than the sun
Illusions that appear so sure,
Then come fast undone.

How does the ling’ring heart move on,
Shadowed with this doubt?
No strength remains to sing the song
Life was once about.

For dreams are but fleeting fancies,
Waves washed up to shore,
Elusive strands at which we seize,
Longings grow for more.

Escape fails to erase the past,
Buried truths exist,
Distractions thrill but do not last,
The real world still is.

So how to quench that deep, dry thirst,
Emptiness inside,
Not just with false realities,
But love that never dies.

Though sorrow may last for a night,
Joy comes in the morn,
Beauty, faith and glorious light,
From within are born.

Goodness lives in every heart,
Waiting to unfold
From selfish dreams we learn to part,
People outweigh gold.

Thus dreams can lift us off the ground,
When we yearn for more,
And dreams worth chasing will be found,
They just might not be yours.

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