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Dreams That Last

Dreams are such a fragile treasure,
Sealed so close to home,
Values beyond any measure,
Lest these hopes may roam.

Dazzling visions of a future,
Brighter than the sun
Illusions that appear so sure,
Then come fast undone.

How does the ling’ring heart move on,
Shadowed with this doubt?
No strength remains to sing the song
Life was once about.

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A Whisper

At first it is only a whisper,
A glimmer of light through the trees
The shadows rush fast to replace it,
And they bring me down to my knees

A sickening spiral of worry,
Relentless reminders of doubt
Stifled and strangled, hidden so well,
The rest of the world is shut out

This forest of thoughts is a prison,
A cage with the bars held in tight
I cry and despair and seek freedom,
While keys lie in reach and in sight

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