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You Are

You are
If I told you would you
You are
If I tell you will you
You are
If I tell you will you listen
You are enough

You are worth the love
The love that you’ve received
And the love for which you wait
And the love that you believe
That you don’t deserve to take

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Life hands out my chances,
I cannot but comply
Follow them in trances,
And either smile or sigh

For I live within them,
A slave of what they say
Joy is a fragile gem
And peace a flick’ring ray

They fade when darkness falls,
And shatter under stress
In worldly triumph call,
Dependent on success

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My Place

I’m looking for a place,
A place where I belong
For one familiar face
Who’ll listen to my song

The melody’s inside,
I treasure it within,
How long can it abide
With clips upon its wings?

I struggle to be heard,
My soul tries to take flight
Quite like a fragile bird,
Kept captive from the light

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Walk the Wire

I want to walk the wire,
To wander through the clouds
Removed from mud and mire,
No slave of jostling crowds

To keep my footing sure,
And walk this narrow road,
Strong, balanced and secure,
Relieved of earthly loads

I graze the leafy tops,
Trees strewn across the sky
This strung path never stops,
It stretches past the eye

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