Dear Beloved: Kindness

Dear Beloved,

Be kind. There are many things that seem to matter, but few things that do, and this is one of them. Never underestimate the difference a little kindness can make on this world. It is not just about doing kind things or listing off acts or accomplishments as concrete displays of kindness. It’s about being kind. Perhaps you are kind to a stranger you will never see again or to a person who will never appreciate your kindness. Kindness does not exist because of visibility. In fact, unseen kindness is often the most beautiful, because it is guided only by love. And kindness cannot be measured – there is no way of determining the exact impact of a moment of kindness, but it is true that God gathers up each little kindness in His hands and never lets a single one go.

So precious is each kindness in His eyes (which see true worth) that He uses them all for good and for the sake of beauty and truth. Kindness, then, is not about being seen at all. It may be seen; it may not be. But with true kindness, the self slips away and all is focused on giving to the other. These moments are a gift for the one who receives and the one who gives, because peace, joy and love in full measure are present to those who are kind for the kindness itself, pouring forth from a stirring of love deep inside, which does not desire for itself, but only wants to give love. So do not worry about seeming kind or being thought kind or even being kind enough. Just be kind. Let this desire to love flow forth to all the ‘others’ that you meet.