You were always strong,
Sturdy as the oak
Whose roots reach deep
Winds that seize
And batter branches
Shake the surface only

Your courage was constant
A single flower’s stem,
Woven through rock
Stretching into sunlight,
Weathered by waves
Which foam and crash

Your struggles were many
Whispers in darkness
Of worries unseen,
Fog thick and heavy,
Shading the Sun
And discrediting hope

But your light doesn’t fail,
Like a candle bright burning,
A star that may blink
Yet shines through the fold
And the light from above
Is light that is yours

Your strength is in weakness,
Your guidance in love
Like trees that sway
Willing to bend
Without breaking
Sheltered and secure

Your courage can’t falter
As it isn’t your own
And true peace awaits you
Like mist on a river
Where light filters through
So silent and pure

Your struggles are fleeting
Your pain soon will pass
For problems are petty
While bound up in earth
Like lightning that flashes
Then flees from the sky

You will always be strong
For your help cannot leave you
And light never fails,
Despite flickers of fear,
When its source is
The unbridled Sun

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