Forgotten Strength

You seem to have forgotten
That you’ve done these things before
You’ve shaken off the courage
Like a garment that you wore

You tell yourself the stories
Full of old and tired lies
You see your self diminished
Through someone else’s eyes

In the weakness of the dark
These thoughts are let to pass
The whispers of too late
Have taken over fast

You are flooded with the fear
That you’re dangling below
Falling from your flaws
As your failures clearly show

But do you not remember
When you felt this way before?
The thoughts all slunk away
And you knew that you were more

These flashes of a passion
Greater than your pain
Enough to soothe your anxious soul
When the sunlight wanes

You could hold it with you
Like a treasure in your heart
And then secure a joy from which
You’ll never have to part

You seem to have forgotten
But the courage is still yours
The beauty laced within your smile
All that you’ve waited for

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