Daily Beauty, Day #6: Stay

Some things seem to exist outside of time.

There are certain moments that soar over the surface of things and clear the air of clouds of fear and worry. In these suspended seconds, there isn’t anything at all but what is here and now, and somehow that is sufficient. But this is not always the case. At times our minds flee and flit from place to place. They attempt to set the course ahead or justify the past. The moment is not enough, or perhaps it is and we are just not very good at staying.

Staying. Stay where? Often our words are in tune, our smiles and eyes respond while our thoughts whirl within. We appear to be only where we are, but we wander… we wander away to the worries we cannot control, whether or not they pertain to the moment which we are in.

I hope I haven’t strayed too far from my course. Where is the beauty in the fickle nature of our human minds? Although we are all prone to wander, I think there is beauty when we learn to stay, even if only for a moment. When we stay where we are and our thoughts become still. When we direct our attention, steady our focus on the Presence that overcomes our weakness and provides us with peace.

In today’s moments of joy and laughter and friendship, I forgot to be anywhere else but where I was. There was beauty in being and it had nothing to do with my own efforts, but with the surrender to what is and the willingness to follow the flow of each day where it leads.