Daily Beauty, Day #10: Uncertainty

I’m not sure what to write about today.

But sometimes we are without words or ideas. Sometimes we are short on suggestions for where next to take our plans, plans once carefully made and carried. Sometimes there is beauty, but we don’t know how to use it. We see glimpses of His presence, and yet we feel without certainty.

I think there is beauty in uncertainty. There are times when the words that spill onto the page are words that we did not expect, words that we never thought we would or could write, thoughts and feelings that spring from a well we feared had run dry. Life appears to us in snatches, and the next step is often shaded. Where are we going? Will we know once we get there? What we will do when we find it?

Life isn’t all at once, because it is meant to be lived in perfectly paced steps, steps not paced by our own planning but by a higher hand. There are days when we know not how we’ll get through them, and there are things and thoughts and feelings we feel we cannot overcome. And yet there is always a way: one that is simply shrouded from our imperfect judgement until the time is right.

There is beauty in the mystery. There is joy in the not knowing, in the letting go of knowledge and our loosening hold on control. And the beauty around us is richest when we follow its flow, without worries of where its gentle whispers might lead us in the future.