Daily Beauty, Day #4: Passion

Today has been a busy day, so my post will be especially brief.

Passion is beautiful. There is beauty in passion and passion in beauty. I have felt the stirring of passion within my own soul, and I have seen it in others: in the gleam in their eyes, in the light that refuses to be put out, in the words that speak their truths with courage, courage which by its nature excludes hatred and fear (since one stems from the other).

There is coldness in the world. There are places in our own hearts that are cold. But never let apathy become preferable to passion. Never allow aggression and intolerance to disguise themselves as passion either.

When I see this spark of passion, when I feel this spark of passion, it inspires me. There are many things worth fighting for, and yet there are also many ways of fighting… most of which may not involve fighting at all.