The Thing about Proof…

Today I handed in a world religions essay about God’s existence. I spent hours researching nice, neat, little arguments to prove that somewhere out there, God really is watching over us. These arguments were logical and in my opinion, made very strong cases to support my main idea. I was proud of how it turned out. But along the way I realized something…

You can’t prove God. You can try all you want to put him into a man-made box of science and reason, but it just won’t work. Why? Well, think about it. Even if you don’t believe in God, you have to agree that a being capable of creating the universe and billions of human beings each with unique talents and gifts, would have to be pretty great. He would have to be pretty smart. In fact, He would have to be pretty much completely beyond our imaginations. How could a single, small, finite human being like me attempt to explain such a powerful, amazing, awesome, superior God?

The truth is, I couldn’t. I could give you a million good reasons why it makes sense to believe in God, but in the end, it wouldn’t matter. Anyone who believes in God has to acccept His existence on something more than fact. They have to accept Him on faith.

I love God and when I feel His presence within me, it’s not something I can fully explain. The feeling transcends words, because it’s deeper than what we experience in this world. That doesn’t mean I don’t have doubts. I’m human. But I try to remember to trust God, because He definitely knows what He’s doing. And hey, who knows, maybe someday He’ll explain it all to us when we meet Him up in heaven.

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